A Few Truths About Stripping

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Blog

You need to have fun. It’s about playfulness mixed with teasing and sexuality. Dancing is obviously a big part, many strippers having done ballet, jazz, hip-hop, Latin American. Some have also done belly dancing and burlesque. This in its self creates self confidence and body mobility.

Finding work as a stripper is about talking to the right people or by asking directly in a club. Since there is often a high turnover of staff in clubs, you don’t usually have to wait long; as long as you look good and can dance to some extent. Many girls are skilled at pole-dancing too.

On average girls work four times a week. Some employed, some self-employed. A normal work night starts around 10pm and finishing in the early hours around 5am or later.

Any customer who behaves incorrectly will be removed from a club. They are expected to behave with respect. Lots of girls who strip keep it to themselves. When people find out the first question is nearly always “do your parents know?”.

Stripping is a short lived career usually ending in your 30’s, as by then boyfriends and children come along, but some go on longer.

If you can say you are strong, confident, feel good about your body and are thick-skinned it may be the job for you.

Watch the YouTube video below from our very own ambassador Miss Viktoria Quinn.

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