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Why its important

We don’t buy a chicken and put it straight on the table. No we have to cook it first. So why think you can go from a hand shake to hand squeezing between the sheets with nothing in between and miss out on something really good.

Many women complain their partners just don’t understand what foreplay is.

So many men just dive into bed whip it out and dive straight in (if you get what I am saying).

Foreplay what is it good for

We have all heard about it, but what is it? It is the bit between penetrating and not penetrating or the bit between arousal and sexual activity. It is so important.

It increases the odds of female orgasm. It improves lubrication.

Decreases the chance of pain during sex. It just makes sex far more enjoyable for a female. It gives men more time to achieve an erection and help them last longer in bed by giving them more time to relax.

stud      lubricant

Nine ways to master foreplay:

  1. Before using any tongues or fingers actually look into each others eyes and land in bed. Take time to transition from your busy day. Maybe exercise together, go for a walk.
  2. Stimulate the skin outside and around her vulva (skin where hair grows). Good areas to touch early on in foreplay.
  3. Try going at the clitoris from the side and not head-on, trust me she will notice. Going from the side allows you to stimulate the clitoral legs, and leaves your hands free to stimulate her labia maybe even penetrate her. Try this and she will think its amazing.
  4. Use a sex toy or vibrator, see what pleasure that delivers to her body. Don’t stop until she begs you to penetrate her.
  5. Use a blindfold, they are the most underrated sex toy. They deprive us of sensory visuals of watching you, and we don’t know what’s going to happen next.
  6. Read erotica together, might seem old school but it’s a great way to fire your imagination allowing us to fill in the visual blanks.
  7. Try mutual masturbation. Watching each other pleasure yourself is so hot and letting each other know what they like best.
  8. Change positions, begin in a different position. Get creative.
  9. Make a love nest, change from the bedroom. Try the couch, the laundry room!!


Just get into foreplay and enjoy yourselves



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